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Serving Clients For Over 40 Years!

A great Financial Professional is not just about maximizing your tax returns, but can also provide sound financial advice and expert consulting all year round. Are you retiring soon? Just had a baby? Bought a new home? Choosing the right financial planner is essential for securing your future. Bachleda & Rodriguez Companies offers business bookkeeping services and individual financial planning customized to suit your life and goals.


  • Accounting: A/R & Billing
  • Accounting: General Ledger
  • Accounting: Inventory Control
  • Accounting: Payroll
  • Industry Competence: Agriculture, Farm & Ranch
  • Industry Competence: Construction & Real Estate
  • Industry Competence: Entertainment
  • Industry Competence: Non-Profit Organizations
  • Industry Competence: Oil & Gas
  • Industry Competence: Professional Services
  • Industry Competence: Retail & Wholesale Outlets
  • Industry Competence: Sales & Services
  • Industry Competence: Transportation/Trucking
  • Mgmt. Advisory Services: Computer/Info Systems
  • Mgmt. Advisory Services: Small Business
  • Tax: Corporate Tax Preparation
  • Tax: Electronic Filing
  • Tax: Estate & Trust Tax Preparation
  • Tax: Franchise & Sales Tax
  • Tax: Individual Tax Preparation
  • Tax: IRS Practice & Procedure
  • Tax: Multi-State Tax Filing (s)
  • Tax: Partnership Tax Preparation
  • Other: Budgets & Business Plans
  • Other: Choice of Entity
  • Other: Personal Financial Planning